Past Papers

FBISE Punjab Boards Past Papers

On this page you can download/view all classes’ all subjects’ Past Papers for FBISE and Punjab Boards. 9th , 10th, 11th & 12th (Matric & Inter) Past papers are available. Both Science & Arts as well as Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical past papers.

FBISE & all Punjab Boards Past Papers

You can download FBISE & all other BISEs old final exams’ past papers for your final exams preparation. Moreover, these old papers guide you about the paper pattern as well as the weightage of different topics questions. With the help of past papers, you’ll know the exact information on the number of objective & subjective questions that a particular subject includes.

Click on your relevant board’s logo or name below to download that particular board’s past papers for 9th, 10th (Matric), 11th and 12th (Inter Part 1 & Part 2) classes’ all subjects.

Sr. No.Board LogoBoard Name
1FBISE - Federal Board Past PapersFederal Board (FBISE) Past Papers
2BISE Bahawalpur Board Past PapersBahawalpur Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
3BISE DG Khan Board Past PapersDG Khan Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
4BISE Faisalabad Board Past PapersFaisalabad Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
5BISE Gujranwala Board Past PapersGujranwala Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
6BISE Lahore Board Past PapersLahore Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
7BISE Multan Board Past PapersMultan Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
8BISE Rawalpindi Board Past PapersRawalpindi Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
9BISE Sahiwal Board Past PapersSahiwal Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers
10BISE Sargodha Board Past PapersSargodha Board (BISE Bahawalpur) Past Papers

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12th12th Notes12th Books12th Test Papers12th Pairing Schemes12th Guess Papers

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