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Download 9th Class all Books PDF

9th Class all Books PDF

On this page you can download 9th class Matric part 1 all PDF Books. For both Science & Arts – English & Urdu Medium group students, free of cost. In addition, books for computer science & commerce students are also available here. As, you can download 9th class all A to Z books including English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math & General Math. In addition, 9th class Islamic Studies/Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies / Mutaliya Pakistan books. Therefore, there is no need to search them individually. 9th class students can save all latest versions of their books on any device.

Updated on: 14-12-2022

PCTB (Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board, Punjab) develops & designs the books for the grade 9th students. PCTB says, the Single National Curriculum (SNC) books are in experimental phase. Moreover, PCTB finalizes 9th class Books after counseling & taking views from all the stake holders.

Download 9th Class all Books PDF

In order to download 9th Class Matric Books in PDF format. You need to click on required book/s in the table, below. Moreover, the table below includes all the compulsory as well as optional subjects for 9th level students. Once you’ll click on any subject, you’ll be taken onto the downloading page, where required book will downloads automatically.

In order download grade 9 PDF Books, click on the “Download” link in front of that particular book. You can also see each book’s pdf file size, given in MB (megabytes).

NOTE: All books are with .pdf extension, therefore, you must have installed a “PDF File Reader/Viewer” application/software on your machine i.e mobile phone or pc/laptop etc.


Download Grade 9 PDF Books

Book NameSizeDownload LinkNotes
Tarjuma-tul-Quran-ul-Majeed130 MBDownloadNotes
Islamiyat25 MBDownloadNotes
Urdu38 MBDownloadNotes
English23 MBDownloadNotes
Pakistan Studies (English Medium)21 MBDownloadNotes
Pakistan Studies (Urdu Medium)21 MBDownloadNotes
Math _ Science (English Medium)97 MBDownloadNotes
Math _ Science (Urdu Medium)215 MBDownloadNotes
Physics (English Medium)36 MBDownloadNotes
Physics (Urdu Medium)12 MBDownloadNotes
Chemistry (English Medium)36 MBDownloadNotes
Chemistry (Urdu Medium)31 MBDownloadNotes
Biology (English Medium)08 MBDownloadNotes
Biology (Urdu Medium)38 MBDownloadNotes
General Math (English Medium)44 MBDownloadNotes
General Math (Urdu Medium)45 MBDownloadNotes
Computer Science (English Medium)29 MBDownloadNotes
Computer Science (Urdu Medium)38 MBDownloadNotes
Computer Practical Notebook16 MBDownloadNotes
Home Economics70 MBDownloadNotes
Ghiza aur Ghizaiyat52 MBDownloadNotes
Parcha Bafi (Textile and Clothing)35 MBDownloadNotes

Download Grade 9 & 10 Combined PDF Books

Book NameSizeDownload LinkNotes
Urdu Qawaid-o-Insha54 MBDownloadNotes
English Grammar and Composition54 MBDownloadNotes
General Science (English Medium)46 MBDownloadNotes
General Science (Urdu Medium)55 MBDownloadNotes
Islamiat Ikhtiyari62 MBDownloadNotes
Arabic07 MBDownloadNotes
Education (Urdu Medium)40 MBDownloadNotes
Civics (Urdu Medium)43 MBDownloadNotes
Economics40 MBDownloadNotes
Punjabi26 MBDownloadNotes
Art & Drawing16 MBDownloadNotes
Civil Drafting05 MBDownloadNotes
Farsi Adab06 MBDownloadNotes
Geometrical & Technical Drawing12 MBDownloadNotes
Health & Physical Education04 MBDownloadNotes
Itlaqi Baraqiyat10 MBDownloadNotes
Mutaliya Mahool07 MBDownloadNotes
Zarai Pedawar (Work Book)14 MBDownloadNotes
Geography44 MBDownloadNotes
Daftri Dastoor-ul-Amal (Urdu Medium)14 MBDownloadNotes
Business Method (Urdu Medium)33 MBDownloadNotes
Asool-e-Muhasbi31 MBDownloadNotes
Ikhlaqiyat31 MBDownloadNotes

Final Words

All the books available on this page for 9th class are with PDF extension. The provider of these pdf books is PCTB. You can view/read these books with the help of PDF file viewer application. Although, you can download any pdf reader application from your device’s relevant application store e.g PlayStore or App Store etc.

In case of any problem or query, feel free to ask us via comment box below or contact us!

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